After 30 years of photography,

I have decided to retire as of January 2017. It is time to move on.


     Over the years I have had several interns. My first intern was a spur of the moment decision that I made when I met our waitress at hometown pizza. From that point on I have had eight ladies that interned with me. I would only accept three at a time and this rule forced me to reluctantly decline several peoples request to intern. Having interns was a very time consuming thing while not bringing any revenue to the company. With that being said, it was something that I enjoyed immensely. Teaching photography to these ladies many times took a backseat to discussing life's troubles and helping them stay true to their selves. Watching their photography skills surpass mine was a real treat for me, with pictures in magazines including " The Rolling Stone ", photographing celebrities in L.A., California , photographing basketball and sporting events at U of L and Bella mine, starting their own photography businesses and so on.


    I have decided to give back to the industry by doing Mentor Photoshoots. These shoots are designed specifically for wherever the persons level of photography is, from middle school children to adults that have been in business for years. You are never to old to learn something. This is a ONE time shoot / session it will last from 2 to 4 hours, jam packed and fun to suit your needs... If you are interested in a Mentor shoot.... MY WAY ... e-mail   [email protected]