At My Way Photography, Photographer Carissa is our go to person for creating images of your child for you to cherish a lifetime. With a child of her own she knows that capturing each moment through the pregnancy, newborn, and 1st year milestone stages is crucial to remembering how quickly your baby changes in the first year.


      Pregnancy is a time of great change as you await the arrival of your treasured new addition. Pregnancy photos are an amazing memento for yourself as well as future generations! They are best scheduled between 30-36 weeks when the belly is nice and round.  Photos can be taken indoors or outdoors depending on the weather. 


     Newborn sessions need to be held as soon after birth as possible to ensure that your baby responds to my soothing and posing techniques. The best time to schedule it is within the first 2-14 days. After 14 days newborns will begin losing their newborn look and become more alert to the world.  Sessions may be held in studio or on location and may take anywhere from 2-4 hours to complete, depending on the temperament of your baby the day of. Prior to arriving we ask that your baby be kept awake and not fed for at least an hour to ensure a deep sleep for our gentle posing methods. We allow plenty of time for feeding, diaper changes, falling asleep, and breaks if needed.

    First Year Milestones  

    We consider First year Milestones to be 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. The first year of a baby’s life is constantly changing and we want to capture every milestone! Between 3-4 months your baby will begin to have the strength to lift his or her head up and will begin smiling. Around 6 months they will begin to sit up for extended periods of time. By 9 months they begin to stand with assistance and sometimes crawl. Finally at 12 months the all popular cake smash is held to celebrate a year of life, with a face full of frosting. All sessions may be held indoor or outdoor, weather permitting.

          We offer three different ways you may wish to do.

          Choose Individual sessions at a sitting fee of $100.00

          Choose any 2 sessions for a sitting fee of $150.00

          Choose all 6 Sessions for a sitting fee of $200.00

   Okay session is over… What’s next?

   Once your session is complete, please allow us 2 weeks (Depending on workload) to work our magic and provide a gallery of the best images. We may provide up to 50 fully edited images.  Once finished, the photos will be placed in a password protected gallery for viewing and ordering. You have two weeks to complete your ordering process from the privacy of your own home. We offer everything from photobooks and canvases, to paper prints. Digital images may also be purchased individually or as an entire set. 

For more information on any sessions please contact Thomas Finch at [email protected] and Carissa will contact you directly.