Since retiring from the business side of photography in 2017. 

The things I plan on doing are...

   1. Weddings for Charity.  ( prices vary depending on the brides wants )

   2. Model shoots for charity. ( $25.00 )

   3. Free shoots for my galleries, projects or fun

   4. Anything I feel like doing.

        Weddings...    I will be donating all my profits from this years shoots to charities that the customer support. If you wish to talk about your wedding to see if I am available please e mail me. The cost of the wedding will depend on your needs but will be discounted greatly.

        Model Shoots... I will be doing model shoots for a donation of $25.00 each, you will receive 25 edited images from the shoot for your portfolio

        Free Shoots... If you are interested in a free shoot for my galleries or projects or have an idea, message me.

Things I am looking for...

An outdoor Wedding that I am not the primary photographer. I want to shoot a wedding 100 percent in Black and White and capture it the way I wish to. I have been looking for the perfect bride for two years now and have not found them yet. message me if you wish more info, This will be a FREE Wedding. 

Models and Couples that have no restrictions and are up to plan fun cool shoots. If you have no restrictions, message me.